La Plagne and Les Arcs news & events for 2019/20 ski season

La Folie Douce Les Arcs

It’s not long until the ski season opens in Montchavin Les Coches on 21st December so here’s a little round up of some of the exciting things happening in La Plagne and Les Arcs this coming ski season.

La Folie Douce comes to Les Arcs!
If you’re into dancing on the tables to banging tunes in the middle of the day, you will be thrilled to hear that the legendary La Folie Douce is opening up a new apres-ski bar in Les Arcs! There’ll be DJ sets, concerts, live acrobatic and professional dance troupe performances and a shop where you can buy branded souvenirs. Plus they are opening 3 restaurants onsite, including a speedy snack bar, a self-service eatery and a stylish sit-down restaurant. It’s located in Arcs 1800 and we can’t wait to visit!

Is it a ski? Is it a sledge? No, it’s a Snooc!
La Plagne is the first resort to launch a dedicated ‘Snooc’ run. Invented in Chambery a few years ago, the ‘Snooc’ is a funky hybrid of a ski and sledge – it’s essentially a single ski with a seat on it. As well as being extremely useful for hiking up the mountain, it’s also a fun alternative to a sledge. You can try it for 7€ this season down the Colorado Park Luge run in Plagne Centre.

Ski sophrology in Montchavin Les Coches
Sophrology is a delightful combination of meditation, mindfulness, breathing and relaxation techniques that has taken off massively in France (our daughters even do it at primary school here!) Our local ski school, Evolution2, is now offering ‘ski sophrology classes’, where you combine the two activities. After the session, you are treated to a ‘Serenity’ Afternoon tea at the Chez Laurette restaurant which is surrounded by the pine forest – it doesn’t get more serene than that!

The Funi gets a face-lift
Back in Les Arcs, the funiculaire which goes from Bourg St Maurice train station up to Arcs 1600 has had a stunning and futuristic face lift. It’s great for guests that get the overnight Eurostar train from London or Kent, as they can just hop on it and go skiing for the day before making their way back to our chalets. We can see the Funi from the Alpine365 HQ and it looks very cool indeed.

Keep checking our News and Facebook pages as we’ll be updating them with events that are happening over the ski season!