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Terms & Conditions

Your holiday supplier
All holidays are run by the company SARL Alpine365, a French-registered limited company, company number 509 636 007 00023.

365 Enterprises Ltd
365 Enterprises Ltd, a UK limited company (company number 0781 5405), acts purely as a payment agent on behalf of Alpine365 SARL, and is in no legal way linked with Alpine365. As such, 365 Enterprises has no responsibility for the holiday provided, nor the payments thereof. Any disputes with regards to any aspect of the provision of the holiday, including payments, will need to be resolved directly with, and only with, SARL Alpine365.

What your holiday includes
(These terms and conditions are subject to change. If you have already made a booking, please refer to the terms and conditions signed and agreed by both parties at the time of your booking on your booking form).

Catered chalet holidays
Unless otherwise noted on your booking form, your holiday price includes:
– Seven nights’ accommodation at your chosen chalet
– Seven mornings’ breakfast, including a cooked option on five mornings
– Afternoon tea, including home-baked cake or biscuits, plus tea and coffee, 7 days a week
– 6 nights’ in-chalet dinner with free wine during dining only (5 x 4-course dinner and 1 x self-service 2-course meal)
– Welcome and farewell aperitifs and canapes
– Bedlinens & towels for guests
– Access to the hot tub

Local Tourist Tax
Local tourist tax (‘Taxe de Sejour’) will be applied to all bookings, in addition to the standard price for the chalet – this is a French legal requirement. This tax will be applied at the official rate in place at the time of your holiday, payable at the time of your final holiday payment. The rates will be included on your booking form and invoices, but are subject to change at any time by local French authorities. Tax rates can be verified at:

Self-catered chalet holidays 
– number of nights’ accommodation as booked
– all power/water/wifi internet
– pre- and post-trip cleaning
– access to hot tub
Not included, but available as an add-on (at an additional price)
– bed linens & towels for all guests
– Refundable damage deposit

Arrival and Departure
Departure time from the chalet is 10:00am (10h00), arrival time 4:00pm (16h00). For guests that like to ski on their arrival and departure days, we will endeavour to give you bag storage facilities – but this cannot be guaranteed.

Booking Confirmation

No bookings will be confirmed until the relevant deposit (see payments and deposits, and as outlined on your booking form) has been received by Alpine365. We will reserve bookings for up to a week whilst awaiting deposit; after this time the booking will be considered lapsed and may be sold to alternative parties (we will do our best endeavours to chase down deposits prior to selling holidays to alternative parties, but cannot guarantee anything beyond the one week as outlined above).

Client Responsibility
All responsibilities for payments, provision of relevant information etc will be the sole responsibility of the party leader, as detailed on the booking form. Failure of the party leader to make payments in line with these terms and conditions, or provide any other information herein, may lead to cancellation of holidays or failure of the provision of services reliant on their provision of specific information (eg. transfers).

Payments and Deposit
To secure your holiday, a deposit payment is required:

Catered holidays – a £100 non-refundable deposit per person will be required at time of booking (excluding infants, where £50 will be required). For holidays booked within 8 weeks of the arrival date, the full holiday price will be required.

Self-catered holidays – a deposit of 500€ will be required at the time of booking. For holidays booked within 8 weeks of the arrival date, the full holiday price will be required.

The final balance, as per the booking form, is due no later than 8 weeks prior to the arrival date at the chalet.

Children under twelve are welcome in the chalet, but note, where adults have previously booked into the chalet for any particular date, we will only normally accept bookings with children under 12 with the agreement of the initially booked adults.

The one exception to this rule is during school holidays, when all parties should expect children in the chalet, unless of course booking the whole chalet under a single adult group.

Alpine365 will consider children as being anyone between the age of 2 to 12. Children 13 and above will be considered to be, and charged as, adults. Children under the age of 2 years old will be considered as infants, as below.

Alpine365 recommends that children under the age of two years are not considered for winter season Alpine365 holidays. The icy conditions can make the going very treacherous for adults that also have to control/carry young children and pushchairs.

However, should clients wish to bring young children with them, they will be considered in line with our standard policy on children, as above. In such instances, Alpine365 will levy a weekly cost of £100/infant to cover any costs associated with accommodating such infants within Alpine365 premises.

All menus are set menus – please inform us in advance of any special dietary requirements on your booking form. We are happy to cater for most special requirements in advance – but please note that if we do not receive advanced warning of requirements at least one week ahead of your holiday start date, we may not be able to accommodate such requests.

Food for children will either be the normal adult menu, served with the adults at dinner time, or a children-specific menu, to be served at or before 6:00pm – for which at least one adult from the relevant group must be present for each child group. Alpine365 will require notice at least one week in advance of the commencement of the holiday as to which children’s menu option will be required. Where such notice is not given, Alpine365 will assume that the children are to be fed as per the adults, and any change to such an arrangement cannot thereafter be guaranteed.

Single Person Supplements
Single person supplements for twin, double and triple rooms will be at the discretion of Alpine365. Where applied, the charge will be up to 100% of the agreed adult price as noted on your booking form, and the charges will be noted on the booking form. Where a single person supplement is not shown on the booking form, it will not be chargeable, except in the instance of any amendments to bookings that may lead to a single person supplement, as noted in the “Amendments by You” section.

Amendments by You
Any amendments to a booking once confirmed by the paying of a deposit will be considered as follows:

A reduction in party size will be considered as a cancellation for all party members being removed, and the terms as below will apply. Should such a reduction on party size lead to a situation whereby a single-person supplement would apply (see single person supplements), where that supplement is more than the cancellation price, the difference in cost will be applicable, and will need to be paid in line with our standard payment policy. Where such payment is not made, Alpine365 reserves the right to consider such non-payment as a cancellation of the whole holiday, and relevant cancellation charges will then apply.

An increase in party size will be accommodated where possible, but cannot be guaranteed. If Alpine365 cannot accommodate an increase in party size, the original booking will stand. Any wish to then cancel the original booking will be subject to our standard cancellation policy.

A change in party names, but no change in party make-up, will be considered as a minor amendment, and may, at Alpine365’s discretion, be subject to a £20 charge for any such change, to cover administration costs associated with such a change

Cancellations by You
All cancellations will lead to loss of deposit paid. Further cancellation charges will apply, dependent upon the time of cancellation, as below.

Period of Cancellation & Cancellation Payable (based on the period before arrival date)
8 weeks or more: Loss of deposit
6-8 weeks: Deposit or 50% of total holiday cost, whichever is the greater
4-6 weeks: Deposit or 75% of total holiday cost, whichever is the greater
Less than 4 weeks: 100% of holiday cost

Cancellation requests must be made by the party leader, as detailed on the booking form, in writing. An email from the contact email address, as noted on the booking form, will be accepted. Where no such email exists, Alpine365 will accept emails from alternative email addresses at our discretion.

Amendments and Cancellation by Us
In the unlikely event of our being forced to change or cancel your holiday, the following will apply.

Minor Changes in Booking
These are defined as:
– Provision of an alternative room to that agreed on the booking form
– Chalet room not being available more than two hours outside of standard times on arrival/departure date
You will be entitled to a £20 refund per person, and no more.

Major Change in Booking
– Complete or partial cancellation
– Change of date of holiday
You will be entitled to 100% refund of your holiday cost, and no more.

Where such changes are as a result of a “force majeure”*, Alpine365 will not be held responsible, and the above refunds will not apply.

* For clarification, “force majeure” in France must pass three tests:
1) The event must have nothing to do with the company in question
2) The event could not have been foreseen (or if foreseeable, must have been prepared for by the company)
3) The consequences could not have been prevented

Covid-19 Cancellation Policy
Alpine365 no longer offers any specific Covid-19 cancellation policy. Any Covid-19 cancellations will now fall under our standard cancellation policy (as above). In addition, customers are strongly advised to take out a travel insurance policy (see below), and if concerned about Covid-19, should ensure their policy provides sufficient cover for their individual needs – many insurers will now include cover for Covid-19 within travel policies.

Travel Insurance
As an independent chalet company not offering packaged holidays, SARL Alpine365 is not covered by the EU package holiday directives. As such (and in-line with the above cancellation policy) SARL Alpine365 may not be required to refund any holiday costs in the event of unforeseen cancellations. All guests are therefore strongly advised to take out relevant travel insurance, at the time of booking (including relevant cancellation cover) to cover for all and any unforeseen or unexpected cancellations.

Provision of Transfers vis 3rd Party Transfer Firms
Alpine365 acts as an introducer for any 3rd party transfer services booked via ourselves, and do not provide said services direct. Customers will have to abide by the terms and conditions of the specific company in question, which can be provided upon request. One key point to note is that where transfers are booked for a specific flight, and that flight is, for any reason, delayed (or cancelled) by a period of three hours or more, the transfer company may then be unable to provide the service that was booked. In such instances we will endeavour to find an alternative source of transport, but the cost of this may have to be borne by the client – although in most instances such costs can normally be recuperated via travel insurance.

Ski School, Ski Hire, Crèche, and Lift Passes
Alpine365 may advise on the above services, but any services will be provided direct between you and the relevant third party providing the service, and will thus be subject to their own terms and conditions, not ours.

Damage or Loss of Property at Alpine365 Premises
Alpine365 will not be held responsible for the loss or damage of any client or clients’ property whilst on Alpine365 premises, except where this can be proven to be as a result of our negligence. Please note that no individual rooms on Alpine365 property can be locked, so valuables should be kept on your person at all times, rather than on Alpine365 premises.

Where any theft or malicious damage is suspected by any party, Alpine365 will refer this matter to the local police who will thereafter deal with all consequences.

Where such damage or loss of property is caused by you, or a member of your party, the party leader will be held responsible for any costs incurred in the repair or replacement of such items, whether they belong to us or to a third party.

For self-catering bookings, a refundable damage deposit of 250€ is required.

Return of Lost Property
In the event of guests leaving any personal goods at the chalet, if Alpine365 recover such goods then we will, if requested, make our best efforts to return such goods, the price of which must be borne by the guest, and paid for in advance. Costs will be calculated on an ad-hoc basis, based on several factors such as: travel costs and time to get to/from chalet/post office, packaging costs, postage costs etc. Parcels will only be returned via a service allowing for parcel tracking, and Alpine365 cannot be held responsible for any parcel lost or damaged in transit.

Client Conduct
All clients will be expected to act in a fair and reasonable manner whilst on an Alpine365 holiday. Where the behaviour of any member of a party is deemed by Alpine 365 (or any reasonable person in authority such as the local police) to be unreasonable and outside the bounds of that typically expected by society, Alpine365 reserves the right to instantly terminate the holiday of the individual party member, or even the entire party where relevant. In such instances, the party or parties will be expected to vacate Alpine365 premises within a fair and reasonable time (normally no less than an hour, but no more than eight hours) – all costs associated with the exit will be borne by the party or parties in question, and the party or parties will lose all rights to compensation and refunds for said termination.