Coronavirus peace-of-mind for your next ski trip with Alpine365

View of Les Coches in Winter

With all that’s been happening in the world recently, a ski trip is hardly top of anyone’s agenda. And it certainly isn’t something you want to have to worry about. But on the other hand, in these troubling times it’s also great to have something to look forward to.

So with this in mind, we at Alpine365 HQ have been looking at ways to get you that trip that you can look forward to, without any of the worries that inevitably come with travel at the moment. So we’re offering what we hope is our “total peace of mind” approach – meaning your only worry will be which piste to take home after a well-earned lunch up the mountain! So here’s our 5-point plan to make your ski trip worry-free:

1. 100% Covid-19 refund policy*
In the event of your trip being cancelled due to Covid-19 then don’t worry, you won’t be losing your cash. Given travel insurers are unlikely to cover any cancellations next season, we thought we’d do the heavy lifting here – so if your trip does get cancelled, you’ll get 100% refund – we’ll pay back your full deposit in cash, and if you’ve paid your final payment then we’ll refund this too, by way of a credit to be used on a future trip with us. So there’s no risk of you being out-of-pocket.

2. Airbnb Certified Cleaning
We’re fully certified against Airbnb’s 38-page Covid-19 cleaning protocol (yes, all 38 pages, Toorna has a certificate to prove it!). So whether that’s managing social distancing, PPE for all staff, disinfecting of all high-touch areas, or good supplies of hand-cleaning products, rest assured, we got it covered (and with our face masks, you can take that quite literally).

The exact guidance is evolving all the time, but we’ll keep on top of it so you don’t have to, and do our best to ensure you stay super-healthy during your trip (one-too-many house wine hangovers notwithstanding). We’ll also do our very darnedest to offer the best experiences for your trip whilst here, whilst being conscious of keeping everyone safe and happy too

3. No advance payment for holiday extras
We typically advise on, and book, loads of holiday extras for our guests, including necessities such as lift passes, ski hire and ski school. But unlike booking direct, or via a package, we don’t take payment for any of these upfront, you only pay once you arrive in resort. So you get the peace-of-mind of pre-booking, but with none of the risks of pre-paying. So in the (hopefully unlikely) event of a cancellation you won’t have to worry about chasing down any refunds – as you won’t have paid in the first place!

4. Thirteen seasons and counting
We’ve been operating for 13 seasons now, and we like to think we know what we are doing by now. Why is this relevant you ask? Good question! Well, we’re on a good financial base to weather any Coronavirus storms, and have set aside some funds to tide us over in the event of any future problems, so we’re hopefully a safe haven for your hard- earned holiday cash.

It may sound a little trite, but at a time when lots of businesses are understandably struggling, it’s worthwhile considering such mundanities as a company’s financial security.

5(ish). £100 off per person on all next season’s trips
OK, so this is nothing to do with your peace-of-mind(!) – it’s a not very well disguised attempt to sell a holiday… But if you fancy a ski trip, and what we have said here has helped to put your mind at rest a little, then why not get in touch for a quote, or just to ask us some questions – come on in, the (frozen) water’s lovely!

* For full details see our terms and conditions