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Getting Here

All our prices are for accommodation and food only, so the only thing you need to organise is your travel in order to enjoy Alpine365's hospitality.

To try and make this process as painless as possible, this section includes a fair amount of information on the most popular ways to get to the chalet from the UK (although we’re sure our more ingenious guests will find alternatives). But if there’s any information not in here that you’d like to know about, simply email us or give us a call and we’ll try our darnedest to help you out.

Flying is by far the most popular way of getting here, and can often be the cheapest. You will, however, need to get a transfer from the airport to our chalet (which we will happily arrange if preferred).

Take a look at our flights page for more information.

Eurostar SnowTrain
Growing in popularity, the train is a great way of getting to the Alps, as it can mean you get an extra two days’ skiing for the same holiday time, with no extra accommodation cost. It also takes you right to the heart of the Alps – so close in fact, that it's only a 20 minute transfer to the chalet. You'll find more information on our Snow Train page.

Depending upon where you’re coming from in the UK, and the size of your party, driving may be a good solution, as it can also work out quite cost effectively if you can fill the car, split the driving, and get down here in a day. Find out more information about driving to the Paradiski

Travelling from outside the UK
Most of our guests tend to come from the UK, although we do of course welcome guests from anywhere, Europe or beyond. Should you be coming from outside the UK, it is probably best to contact us directly and we’ll help to advise as best we can – although please note we are no experts in worldwide travel timetables!

Getting Here

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