Driving in the Alps

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Driving in the Alps

Driving in France
We can offer advice on driving in France, but there are far more qualified sources – so we recommend you follows the links below for more info. Some key points to note though:

- Drive on the right (fairly obvious that one)
- You must always have your driving licence, registration and insurance documents on you at all times
- You must have one reflective dayglo jacket or similar in your car, as well as a warning triangle
- You are advised to have a spare bulb kit

Driving Links:

www.theaa.com, then click “Motoring Advice” and follow the relevant links
www.rac.co.uk , then click “Advice” and follow the relevant links currently under “Going on a journey”

Driving in the Alps
Whilst the roads are cleared regularly, snow can come at any time, making the driving conditions treacherous. When the conditions are like this, the police will often stop all cars, and only allow those that have either snow chains or snow tyres to continue. We thus firmly advise that you have chains with you if you intend to drive (or snow tyres if you’re really keen!). Most car hire firms will hire you chains, but do check before booking.

Also, if you have chains, practise putting them on before you get to the snow – it’s ten times more difficult when it’s a blizzard outside and you haven’t even once got them out of the bag.
Driving in the Alps

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